Cater Clean 24 Seven Clean Ducting Nationwide


Over the last 24 hours, Cater Clean 24 Seven have been very busy visiting Hotels and Restaurants as far as Inverness in the Highlands to Camden Town, and Belfast.


Cater Clean 24 Seven are proud to be able to provide a professional service nationwide, ensuring that clients across the UK have safe and compliant extract systems. Our services enable our clients to guarantee the safety of their business whilst also creating a healthy and environmentally friendly setting for staff to work in.



What Cleaning Services Do Cater Clean 24 Seven Offer?


Extract system Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Clean 

Replacement Filters

Grease Trap Cleaning


If you wish to find out more on how are services can benefit your business, (no matter where you are located) please feel free to contact us on 0870 300 3232.