Kitchen Extract Cleaning

We at Cater Clean 24 Seven started our business in kitchen extract cleaning with one simple goal – to provide our clients with a comprehensive reporting process designed to exceed the current legislation set by BESA (the industry regulator) and to revolutionise the cleaning methods and auditing practices of the kitchen extract cleaning industry.

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning Experts

With over 60 years of specialist kitchen extract cleaning and catering experience we went right back to the start which we believe is the site survey. The question we asked ourselves was how quickly can we produce and send a dedicated quote of the kitchen extract system to our clients.

Through development of our own custom app we can now provide our clients with a dedicated proposal of the kitchen extract system which identifies the number of access hatches and their locations, kitchen extract canopies and a drawing of the kitchen extract system.

We have also developed a quoting system that links to our CRM management system allowing our surveyors to visit your site, carry out the kitchen extract cleaning survey on smart technology which when complete will send a kitchen extract cleaning proposal to our clients quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning Challenges

The kitchen extract cleaning process poses its own issues.  It is a very labour intensive operation as kitchen extract ductwork has to cleaned manually to remove the compact grease and carbon which collects on the internal surfaces of ducting walls and risers.

The extract risers presented their own challenges in both cleaning and access, a solution was found by developing a mechanical and chemical cleaning process which allows the operator to work safely and efficiently by removing the need to either abseil inside or take down the kitchen extract riser ensuring we can safely manage the complete extract system.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning Legislation – Fire & Risk Insurance Certificate

We now come to the most important aspect for a buildings fire and risk insurance, managing the kitchen extract clean providing proof that the complete extract ductwork system is clean and fire regulation safe.

For us this was the key factor in providing the complete kitchen extract cleaning service.

At first our kitchen extract systems were managed manually with tick sheets confirming work had been completed, we quickly realised this option left all the responsibility on the operatives. With this in mind we created a solution in the form of an electronic app which can be operated on smart devices.

The app helps combine work instructions with photographs, the team leaders have all the rams, work instructions and sign off documentation available to hand. It also includes the before and after photographs of the kitchen extract system. The operative enters the information in sequence as the job progresses, this is uploaded every 15 minutes, and this allows our senior management to log in remotely and view the images.

On completion the full report is automatically sent to the operations team for compiling into a detailed report before emailing to our customer.

We developed this programme with our clients to ensure it met their exacting requirements, but we then went even further and added more content exceeding current kitchen extract cleaning buildings and fire insurance standards providing confidence and security for our client base.

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