Duct Cleaning

Cater Clean 24 Seven have multiple teams and operatives across the UK, we are here to help you with any duct cleaning requirements you may have. 24 Seven certify that your ductwork is always at a safe standard.

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Cater Clean Law and Legislation Compliance

We will make sure your system is always compliant with the correct laws and legislations. This includes standards set by regulating bodies.

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Squat Clearance

We Work With Groups & Independent Businesses

Cater Clean 24 Seven help you manage your extract system, whether you’re a group or an independent business! We have the experience and knowledge to meet the requirements of various types of buildings.

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Hoarding Clean Up

Reducing Fire Risks Nationwide

Cater Clean 24 Seven’s professional extract cleaning removes grease from your system, reducing your risks of a fire.

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    Cater Clean 24 Seven Duct Cleaning

    Cater Clean 24 Seven have over 60 years of specialist duct cleaning and catering experience working with various business sectors. We provide all 24 Seven clients with bespoke reports and certification to show compliance post clean.

    We Make Your Business Compliant With Law & Legislation

    One of the most important legislative responsibilities for any building manager or owner is the fire and risk insurance certificate. We manage your kitchen ductwork cleaning schedule and provide documented proof that the complete kitchen duct system is clean and fire regulations are met. We are regulated by the BESA so you know we are meeting the standards set by insurance companies. Our fresh approach to ductwork cleaning and reporting means that we fully exceed any current BESA requirements.

    If you would like peace of mind knowing you can have confidence and security in your kitchen duct cleaning contractor, then please contact us on 0203 6408 247.

    We Work With Groups & Independent Businesses

    Whether you are an individual restaurant, a group of hotels or a manufacturer we have the necessary equipment and skills to clean your ducting. Cater Clean 24 Seven work closely with customers to provide a suitable service for each type of business. With teams across the whole of the UK we can service your sites no matter where they are.

    If you have multiple sites that require our services,
    please contact us on 0203 6408 247.

    Reducing Your Companies Fire Risks

    We provide all our clients with confidence that their extract systems are safe. Our comprehensive reports show before and after photos including micron readings of your entire system. Knowing your system is free of grease means your fire risks have significantly reduced.

    If you would like to reduce your fire risks alongside the potential to lower your insurance premium, then please contact us on 0203 6408 247.

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