Kitchen Deep Clean

Kitchen Deep Clean Service from Cater Clean 24 Seven

Our service is designed to restore and maintain high standards of hygiene, to minimise fire risks and increase the efficiency of the equipment and ventilation systems.


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We remove deposits of carbon, grease, grime and waste, which may be regarded as a potential fire risk and health hazard.

Deposits accumulate in difficult to get at cracks and crevices that daily staff cannot reach and where dismantling prior to cleaning is necessary.

Cater Clean 24 Seven undertake this type of cleaning and restore all units we clean compatible with age. We will cleanse and sanitise using manual or chemical means as applicable.

The standards of our finished work is backed by Cater Clean 24 Seven offering certified documentation and an ongoing programme of commitment to comply with your insurance requirements.

Cater Clean 24 Seven are renowned for our honesty, professionalism and willingness to assist.

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