Is Your Extract System Really Safe? 


Many of our customers believe their previous extract cleaners were carrying out a detailed clean.  Why wouldn’t they clean every area if that’s what they’ve been hired to do? And surely if there’re access issues this would have been brought to the clients attention? Wrong. Regrettably Cater Clean 24 Seven often find “recently cleaned ducting” laden with grease and no real signs that it’s ever been cleaned. Generally the unreliable contractors only clean where there is easy access (usually immediately behind the canopy filters and the exhaust grill for example).


The Dangers Of Dirty Ducting


Here’s an example of some ducting which had been cleaned as far as the arm could reach. Beyond that you can see the blackened  grease is at an extremely dangerous level which would certainly not pass H&S standards. Dirty ducting is a breeding ground for bacteria which alone is a dangerous health hazard. This aside, the risks of fires can bring a huge and devastating danger to businesses, cooking oils and grease cause the fastest spreading destruction of any kind of fire so keeping on top of your duct cleaning is imperative.  


Why Are Cater Clean 24 Seven Different?


Cater Clean 24 Seven provide detailed before and after reports specifically tailored to each clients system. Our reporting allows every customer a full insight into the condition of their entire extract system with before and after photos, accurate readings and certification for insurance purposes. We are also proud to be recommended by the BESA as a professional and compliant company. We recommend to our customers the most efficient way to keep on top of their ducting and how frequently it should be cleaned. Using our advice and services you can be sure your extract system is compliant and risk free.

Kitchen Extraction System / Duct Cleaning

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