Kitchen Extraction System / Duct Cleaning

Cleanliness and safety are the essential ingredients of every well-managed kitchen. At the heart of the matter is your kitchen extract system, the perfect hiding place for grease, oil and other deposits.

Our specialist duct cleaning service helps keep canopy hoods and filters clean. Failure to deal effectively and comprehensively with this issue is just storing up problems and a fire risk waiting to happen.

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Cater Clean 24 Seven clean ventilation extraction systems and provide specialist duct cleaning services to your agreed specification.

Our experts degrease and decarbonise the interior and exterior of canopies. Removal of coatings of carbon and solidified cooking oils. Special attention is given to seams, rivets and anti drip gullies, removing and cleaning grille extraction fans, cleaning fan blades, motor casing and housing. Remove and deep clean the filters, filter housing and trunk interiors, to ensure hygiene and fire risk safety standards.

A Fire Waiting to Happen
Extraction system filters can never eliminate all vapourised grease which, together with debris, condenses onto the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces. This build-up now only requires heat – readily available in every kitchen – to trigger off a frightening process. A spark or flame is not necessary for spontaneous combustion to occur.

The grease in the duct acts as a fuse, carrying fire through the duct and the building. Fire, smoke and hot gases may break out at any penetration, hole, joint or discharge point or following heat-induced collapse of ductwork.

Temperatures up to 1200degC transmit heat through the metal to distort, destroy or ignite nearby material such as duct support hangers, packing materials, electrical systems and litter.

In this way fire can spread rapidly, following the duct route which may be difficult and dangerous for fire fighters to access.

A Risk Too Far
The Insurance Industry is hardening its attitude on the issue. This is hardly surprising since The Association of British Insurers has recorded losses associated with dirty kitchen extract fires rising from £25 million in 1997 to £65 million in 1998. (N.B. This only takes account of direct losses in excess of £50,000).

The Insurers’ Loss prevention Council recommend that at least annual cleaning of entire systems by specialists is carried out, the exact frequency to be determined by a reasoned risk assessment.

Failure to comply with the terms of a policy could mean invalidation of the entire contract, leaving the insured to carry a total loss.
“The overwhelming important factor is inadequate cleaning of ductwork” Mark Newton, Royal and Sun Alliance.

Sample Clause taken from a Lloyds Policy
“Cooking Ranges. It is warranted by the Insurer that in respect of oil and fat frying and cooking ranges and equipment:-
(a) all flues, extraction ducts, grease traps & filters are cleaned not less than once each month;
(b) fire extinguishing appliances using halon, CO2, dry powder, foam or other material suitable for extinguishing oil or fat fires are kept in the near vicinity;
(c) thermostatic temperature control cut out devices are fitted;

Frying Apparatus Clause-Where frying is installed in the premises it is a condition precedent to liability that:-
(a) the frying apparatus within the premises is securely fixed & free from contact with any combustible materials
(b) the equipment is fitted with a thermostat which prevents the temperature of fat or oil exceeding 205 C (401 F)
(c) exhaust hoods canopies filters & flues are cleaned at least once each month & extraction ducts are cleaned at least once every six months & that deposits of grease or oil are not allowed to accumulate
(d) the following equipment is provided in the vicinity of the fryer in a clearly accessible position
1. A fire extinguisher suitable for use on fat or oil fires
2. A fire blanket
3. The frying apparatus is the subject of an annual maintenance contract”

Kitchen extraction systems cleaned and ventilation ductwork degreased as required to comply with environmental health regulations and fire insurance specifications. Falure to do this could invalidate your fire insurance policy.

Hazards of Dirty Kitchen Ventilation Systems
Even the most efficient extraction filters cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt from the air. Over time, a layer of grease and dirt is deposited on the surfaces of ventilation ducts, canopies and extractor fans. Not only does this cause an environmental health hazard by providing a breeding ground for bacteria and foul odours, it also reduces the efficiency of your extraction system and is a major fire risk.  It is therefore essential to carry out regular cleaning of your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems as determined by an appropriate risk assessment.

Cater Clean 24 Seven Ventilation Degreasing Service
Cater Clean 24 Seven provides a ventilation degreasing service that covers all aspects of extraction systems cleaning. Our experienced cleaning teams are fully trained to clean all the elements of your ventilation system to the high standards required to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

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