What can be done to improve your kitchen extract cleaning system this year?

At the start of the new year, we often look ahead to see what we can change or improve. Keeping in mind your business, Cater Clean 24 seven can help to make a real improvement to your customers experience just by providing your kitchen ventilation system with a full in depth clean.


How does kitchen extract cleaning improve my customers dining experience?

If you’ve noticed your kitchen’s air becoming greasy then, your extract system may not be working to it’s full potential. Greasy air within your kitchen creates dirty surfaces and unpleasant smells having a massive impact on your staff and customers. When grease and fats build up inside of your extract system it causes the parts to become heavy and clogged, this can also weigh down your fan causing it to become unbalanced and noisy. Cleaning your extract system will enable your system to work efficiently being able to remove the grease and smells from your kitchen with ease.


What Cater Clean 24 Seven can do for you?

We know the best way to get to know your system is by seeing it for ourselves. We provide all of our potential customers with free, no obligation quotes. Our operations manager will visit your site to carry out an initial inspection of the entire system, allowing us to talk you through any areas which may need further attention.


If you require further information or wish to book a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0870 300 3232.


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