Question when the extract system was last cleaned.

Keep a schedule of when a clean was last carried out and when the next one is due. This will allow you to effectively organise your staff and kitchen for when the cleaning operatives will be on site. In addition to this, when using a schedule you can be sure that your extract is compliant with the current TR19 legislation. It is highly recommended that schedules are strictly followed. If cleans are not carried out in line with the schedule and a fire is caused by the build up of grease in the system the insurance company may refuse to pay out.


What volume of cooking is being carried out in the kitchen?

Is your kitchen being used to cook meals throughout the day? This will determine how frequently your system will need to be cleaned. For example some kitchens may provide breakfasts right through to evening meals whereas others may only provide lunch and evening meals. Another factor would be the amount of covers the catering facility holds, the higher the capacity the harder the extract system will be working to withdraw the extra fats and oils. Use the table below to check if your system is being cleaned regularly enough.





What type of cooking methods are being used?

Some methods of cooking produce higher levels of grease and oils compared with others. For example grills, frying and sauteing give off a lot more grease than steaming, baking and roasting. If your establishment specialises in burgers and steaks the kitchen’s extract system would be working a lot harder and would contain more grease in comparison with a restaurant that is popular for its oven or baked foods.



Having an audit carried out on an extract system is a great way to see in detail areas that need attention and to gauge whether the current cleaning methods are suitable. Most importantly audits can tell a client whether their system is safe or not. If the results show that the system contains a dangerous amount of grease then it would be a good time to review the frequency of the cleaning.


24 Seven Cater Clean reports

24 Seven Cater Clean are proud to be able to supply their customers with one the industries most comprehensive cleaning reports. Every detail is added to the report to allow our customers to know the condition of their extract system prior and post clean.