Duct cleaning access troubles?

Many of our new clients have areas of ducting that have never been cleaned. They have been told by their current duct cleaner that it simply can’t be done. However upon assessing our customers systems for the first time we are able to provide strategies to gain access to the system with no excuses. If necessary we are able to offer hatch installations to allow us to clean parts of the ducting safely and effectively. In the past we have suggested that access hatches need to be installed in brick walls so we are able to reach the ducting which is located behind.

Revealing horrors

On many occasions we have successfully gained access to areas of ducting that have been neglected since the day of installation. Without proper cleaning these systems are a huge fire concern and with the amount of grease that has been building up over the many years it is clear to see why. It just takes one spark for the flammable grease to ignite and spread throughout the system and building.



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