Poor food safety and hygiene levels in restaurants

Astonishingly there are over 10,000 food establishments in England with a poor hygiene rating of 1 or 0. With the poor ratings on the increase more and more businesses are being charged fines as a result.

Research shows increase in prosecutions for poor food safety and hygiene 

What can be done?

Good hygiene is vital for all kitchens, and having your kitchen extract system cleaned regularly can help hugely with making sure your kitchen stays clean. Your extract system is designed to extract all of the fat and grease from the air caused by the cooking. If your system is dirty it will not perform efficiently and will fail to remove the fat and grease. The dirty air will instead land on the kitchen surfaces creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

How can 24 Seven Cater Clean help you?

Our expert cleaning operatives have been able to transform many extract systems that have not been performing to the standard they should. On occasions systems have never been cleaned and also pose a serious fire risk. These systems are a major cause for concern as business owners are not aware of the fire or hygiene risks. Cater Clean 24 Seven provide a kitchen extract cleaning service like no other, we give our customers the knowledge and proof they need to show their system is cleaned comprehensively. With a full detailed report and certificate stating their system has been cleaned to TR19 standards our customers can feel at ease.


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