Are you meeting the conditions set out by your insurance company?


Many of us are guilty of skipping over the small print on our insurance conditions, whether it is for our vehicles or buildings and contents cover, do we really know what is required of us to ensure we are meeting the conditions set by insurers? Why risk it?


Extraction systems are designed to remove airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odours, heat and steam by evacuation of the air. Over time a build-up of grease within the extraction system is inevitable. Introducing a source of ignition (e.g. heat which is easily found in kitchens) may lead to the grease being ignited causing a fire to easily spread throughout the ducting. Insurance companies have specific conditions in place to make sure the insured is following the correct procedures to reduce the fire risk and maintain their extraction systems to a high standard. If a fire is caused by the kitchen extraction system and the insurers find that the condition of the ducts is to blame then it is likely the claim will be declined.

Examples of conditions found in policies from top insurance companies:


THOMOND – “Kitchen Duct Warranty it is warranted that cooking fume extraction canopies and ductwork are to be cleaned at least every six months by independent contractors and that filters, traps or other grease removal devices therein be cleaned at least fortnightly.”


AXA – “Deep Fat Frying Warranty It is warranted that v) all extraction hoods canopies filters and grease traps are cleaned at least once every 7 days vi) all extraction ducts are cleaned at least once every 12 months by a specialist contractor.”


NIG – “Extraction hoods, canopies, filters and grease traps are cleaned at frequent intervals in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, but not less than once a month. Filters utilising disposable replacement fibre matting are renewed at least once a fortnight. Deep fat frying ranges and frying equipment are serviced and deep cleaned: At least once every 6 months in respect of a deep fat frying range ii at least once every 12 months in respect of electronic floor standing fryers or electronic table top fryers (not being a deep fat frying range).”


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