Is Your Extraction Fan Making A Loud Racket?

If you are experiencing loud noises or rattling coming from the fan it could mean your fan is over compensating and not performing efficiently. This will cause the kitchen to become hot and full of polluted air. When the build-up of kitchen grease and dirt covers the blades it can cause the fan to become imbalanced triggering the fan to shake and rattle. This can not only have a negative impact on the environment but can also be very disruptive to the chefs, trying to concentrate on producing their dish.

The cause of a noisy fan is likely to be down to lack of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance. Like most machinery a well maintained extraction system is far more effective than one that isn’t and far less noisy too. Do you really want your restaurant’s calm ambience to be spoilt by a noisy and smelly kitchen?



What Could Be The Cause Of A Noisy Fan?

There are many reasons why your fan could be making a noise, here are the most common factors:

  • Bearings have been warn down due to lack of maintenance and care.
  • Build up of grease and dirt on the blades can cause them to become unbalanced.
  • Objects can become stuck within the fan and can catch when the blades turn.
  • The fan may not be large enough to cope with the amount of air movement travelling through it.


What Can You Do?

Before causing further damage it is advised that you have your fan and extraction system professionally audited, this is the best way to establish whether the cleanliness of the duct-work is the cause and if it is at a safe, hygienic level.

Once the comprehensive clean is complete we will ensure all of the components fit together correctly and are in good working order. Cater clean 24 Seven provide reports detailing 3 different types of micron readings that measure the thickness of grease before and after the clean. We also supply our clients with a decent quantity of before and after photos showing each section of the ducting, so you know every area has been covered. With the detailed reports being processed post clean you are able to see the positive impact that the service has had on your extraction system.


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