Kitchen deep clean service

Kitchen deep clean’s are a must for all catering facilities. Cater Clean 24 Seven offer cleaning services to businesses nationwide to ensure their food is being prepared in the safest and cleanest conditions.  All kitchen’s have the potential to carry health risks. It is important that staff practice good hygiene to provide high standards of health. However, frequent deep cleans are required to guarantee even the hard to reach areas are being kept on top of.


Why is kitchen deep cleaning important?

Hygiene ratings awarded by the food standards agency are based on many different factors, including cleanliness, ventilation and pest control. Cater Clean 24 Seven deep cleaning service ensures hard to reach areas are cleaned to prevent pests and bacteria from appearing. We clean many different types of cooking equipment such as grills and ovens which over time become covered in grease and fats. These cooked on substances can often be hard to remove without specialist chemicals and correct cleaning methods.


Using the correct chemicals

Cater Clean 24 Seven cleaning operatives are trained to use the correct chemicals for the right job. We take into consideration the area to be cleaned and the level of sanitation required.

Detergents are chemicals that are used for general cleaning purposes. The detergents remove visible dirt but they do not remove the unseen bacteria.

Disinfectants are chemicals that are used to kill bacteria which may be lurking on surfaces where food is prepared.


If you are interested in receiving a free quotation for a thorough deep clean of you commercial kitchen, then please contact 0870 300 3232.


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