Will you challenge your cleaning methods?

New year is a time to reflect and see how to improve moving forwards, it is a time for change. So what would you differently to clean your restaurants kitchen?  Improving hygiene and ensuring food is prepared in clean spaces is always a priority, but what about your extract system?


Kitchen Extract Innovation

Cater Clean 24 Seven often face challenges when cleaning a system for the first time. Gaining access to areas of ducting where hatches should be or extremely narrow ducting can often be a problem. The Cater Clean 24 Seven teams look for economic solutions on how to gain access to these areas to ensure the system meets TR19 standards. Cater Clean 24 Seven are constantly forward thinking and improving our cleaning methods to provide an efficient and cost effective service to our customers. We develop our own equipment to be able to reach areas which we often find have not been cleaned previously.

So if you change one thing about the cleaning of your kitchen, change your kitchen extract cleaner to Cater Clean 24 Seven and get a professional and comprehensive clean for your entire system.

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