Day and night cleaning

24 Seven believe our customers should be free to choose which day and time is best for them without any extra cost. If your kitchen operates morning, afternoon and evening it can be tricky to fit in a kitchen extract clean. This shouldn’t mean that cleaning companies should penalise customer’s who require a night clean. We offer our cleaning services 24 hours a day allowing customers to freely choose which time is most suitable for them. The importance of offering night cleans means our customers can continue to operate their kitchen as normal whilst also ensuring their kitchen extract system is receiving the appropriate level of cleaning.


Professional kitchen extract cleaning teams

Using innovative equipment our cater clean teams are able to remove cooking oils, fats and grease from inside the system. Removing these will provide you with a safer and more efficient system. Our operatives are trained to not just cleaning efficiently but to also do so safely. Many teams have previously come across systems which require on the spot problem solving, if systems do not allow access we have the appropriate equipment on board our vans to install access hatches to ensure no ducting is missed.


If you have any questions or wish to book your free quotation with us, please contact our office team on 0203 6408 247.


Kitchen Extract Cleaning