It is very important to remember your kitchen extract cleaning schedule, especially at Christmas, and here’s why.


Kitchen extract cleaning should always be a priority no matter what time of year it is. At Christmas time many restaurants are busy catering for Christmas parties and celebrations. Kitchens are producing more meals and extract systems are working twice as hard to remove cooking fumes. The build up of grease and fats within the ducting can rapidly increase over the festive period making the chances of a fire spreading more likely.


We encourage our customers to follow their cleaning schedules allowing them to operate in a hygienic and compliant kitchen. We understand it is a very busy time of year, however health and safety should always take priority and must not be forgotten. Our 24 Seven service allows our customers to be able to commit to the cleaning schedule no matter what their opening hours are. Cater Clean 24 Seven teams will work through the night so you can be ready to open your kitchen again for the mornings service.


For further information on how we can keep your system compliant, contact us on 0870 300 3232.


Kitchen Extract Cleaning