In the middle of a busy service the last thing you need is your sink to become blocked. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence due to the build up of grease, fats and oils clogging up pipes. A grease trap is designed to catch all of the contaminates separating them from the water leaving the clean water to flow freely into the drains.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Grease Blockages?

  • Train staff to scrape plates, pots and pans into a food waste bin.
  • Wipe down dirty utensils before washing them in the sink.
  • Maintain your grease traps on a regular basis to ensure blockages don’t occur causing your sink to become backed up.
  • Frequent professional cleaning of the traps will not only prevent blockages but also ensure that the smell does not escape into the kitchen or restaurant.


2019 Legislation

Last year a giant fatberg the size of 2 football pitches was removed from London’s sewers. Restaurants and other food outlets were the biggest contributor to the fatberg due to disposal of cooking fats and oils down kitchen sinks. Therefore catering facilities from 2019 will have to operate a grease trap system to keep in line with legislation. If food waste is not disposed of correctly you could risk facing a prosecution and a fine of £5000.


Cater Clean 24 Seven Grease Trap Filter Service

It is important to have your grease trap regularly cleaned  to ensure that it is able to perform the task. Cater Clean 24 Seven have trained technicians who are able to effectively remove the grease build up from the drains using an innovative dosing system.

Our teams are COSHH trained to ensure all chemicals used are handled safely and responsibly, taking the risk away from your staff. The special chemicals contain enzymes which break down the fats and oils enabling us to remove them efficiently from the trap. As part of the cater clean 24 Seven service we remove the waste and dispose of it using an environment agency waste carrier.

Grease Trap Cleaning

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