Cater Clean 24 Seven expand their team of cleaning operatives

After a long 3 weeks of induction and training for our new members, they are now ready to tackle the world of extraction cleaning. When hiring new members we take time to look for dedicated, hardworking individuals who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. We are delighted that the new operatives have settled in very quickly and look forward to introducing them to our customers.

Taking on the new members means we are able to take on more opportunities for the company and accept new business, which is something that we are all very excited about.

Cater Clean 24 Seven have many existing customers that require every individual to have full security checks before they can be accepted onto the premises. This is why Cater Clean 24 Seven carry out full checks prior to employment. We are really pleased to offer a working environment where new employees can develop their skills, attending training courses and receiving guidance from existing and experienced members of staff.