Do You Trust Your Supplier?

Too many duct cleaning companies are NOT BESA members – is yours?

When looking for a trusted supplier or service we automatically look at who the company is accredited by and the training scheme that they have in place. We naturally explore the company’s website for reviews and information on how great their services are; satisfied by what we see we assume that what we have seen is true, but here is why you should always delve a bit further.

On many occasions I’ve come across specialist duct cleaning websites showcasing the greatness of the BESA and boasting about the TR19 standards that they will always endeavour to meet. It is true that the BESA does protect the industry however just because the duct cleaning company is preaching the standards, it does not mean they are practising them. Curiosity brings me to search for these companies on the BESA members list discovering that they are not actually members at all.


Why Choose A BESA Accredited Company?

BESA members are put through stringent audits and checks before they are provided with the membership certificate. Here is a list of checks that are carried out by the BESA:

• Members are regularly inspected and assessed to check they are competent enough to carry out the work.
• They ensure that the level of professionalism is to a high standard.
• Request evidence that they can consistently work to the TR19 standards.
• Members must carry out the industries good practices and follow the health and safety procedures.
• Show that satisfactory and up to date policies are in place for training and educating staff.


“In using a BESA member you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are using contractors who deliver what they promise.” – BESA


A selection of our clients often criticise their previous suppliers for not carrying out the duct cleaning to a high standard, often missing areas altogether and not reducing the risk of a fire being ignited. Our reports ensure that all areas have been covered and that even those hard to reach places are sparkling clean.


What Can You Do?

To check if your supplier is an accredited member of the BESA simply click on the link below. 


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