These three P’s will tell you why a well maintained extraction system is important for your kitchen!

Having a clean extract system reduces the fire risk but this is not the only major benefit. Ensuring your kitchen is cleaned appropriately and frequently will welcome other advantages. Use the table below to find out how often your kitchen’s extraction system should be cleaned.

The Three P’s

Prevent the fire. Over time a layer of thick grease will appear within the duct and extract system causing a fire risk, monitoring and having your extract system professionally cleaned reduces the risk and helps prevent the fire from spreading rapidly. 24 Seven Cater Clean will provide a report showing the before / after photos and data so you can be sure your ducts are in a clean state after our visit.


Protect your customers, your staff and your business. Having clean ducts is important for the health of your staff and your customers. It is a well-known fact that a clean extract system is more efficient at removing heat and carbon monoxide from the kitchen whilst also providing a comfortable environment for your kitchen staff and reducing the cooking odours from reaching your customers, imposing on their experience.


Perform good practice to comply with TR19 standards. If your extraction system is found to not meet TR19 standards you will be held liable for any loss or damage made to the building and also any people that have come to harm. As a result of this you could receive a fine or even imprisonment.


There is great value in regularly servicing your ducts, if you would like to take advantage of the benefits and require our advice or a free quotation then please contact us on 0870 300 3232.


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