Cater Clean 24 Seven remove strange items from ducting

Cater Clean 24 Seven often come across unusual objects stuck in fans or parts of ducting. Regular cleaning of extract systems will ensure that items are found quickly before they are able to cause lasting damage to the system or cause a fire. Tea towels, oven gloves and other materials have often been the reason why a kitchen extract system has become inefficient, once removed and cleaned thoroughly we can have your extract system back to working order.


It’s not just objects that get stuck. Insects, rodents and birds often cause blockages….and on the odd occasion a burglar.




What are the signs of a blockage in your kitchens extract system?

If your kitchen’s extractor fan becomes noisy it could be down to a number of different reasons. It may be because your fan has become weighed down with grease causing it to become unbalanced, this can also affect the efficiency of the system. The noise could also point towards an object being stuck somewhere in the system causing major issues with the airflow. If items are found to be in the system they must be removed immediately.




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