Give Your Kitchen The Spring Clean It Deserves


It’s the perfect time of year to spring clean your commercial kitchen, the busy festive period is behind us and it’s time to look forward to those warmer summer days… (or so we hope). 


It’s important not to forget that during your kitchen’s busier times, your extraction system will be working twice as hard too. As a result of more customers dining with you it inevitably means an increase of fumes and oils being extracted by your kitchens ventilation system, causing it to quickly build up with grease. Spring is an ideal time to give your extraction system some TLC to ensure it meets with TR19 standards. 


 Why Choose Cater Clean 24 Seven?


With the importance of food and hygiene regulations on the increase it’s imperative to keep the environment surrounding food clean. Cater Clean 24 Seven strive to support restaurants and alike in making this easier for them to keep on top of. Getting into those hard to reach places Cater Clean 24 Seven provide a high quality cleaning service. Removing all grime, dirt and grease that’s been hiding provides our clients with the assurance that their kitchen is hygienic and bacteria free. 


Kitchen Deep Clean