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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an extract system?

The kitchen extract system is a steel chimney fitted with a fan to draw the heat and fumes from the kitchen through the canopy exiting outside. The extract will exit away from people and buildings, when this is not possible a filtration system will be inserted to purify the air.

What does the extract system do?

The extract system is designed to remove the heat from the kitchen created by the fryers, gas rings and Bratt pans, the canopy directly above the hot appliance is connected to the extract system, a powerful fan attached to the extract will draw the air from the kitchen through the canopy, during this operation traces of fat will collect along the sides of the system and to the fan creating a potential fire risk.

Who is responsible for the extract?

The extract system is usually the responsibility of

a/ For Hotels: Chief engineer, Hotel Manager
b/ For Restaurants: The owner, Head Chef, Chief Engineer, Senior Management
c/ Factories: Chief Engineer, FM Manager, Building Manager

Why do I have to clean the extract system?

The extract system removes heat and fat traces form the cooking area, over time and dependent on cooking process these collect along the sides of the extract system in various depths which are measured in microns, the combination of a combustible product, high levels of oxygen mixed with heat can ignite, cleaning the internal extract will remove this fire risk and ensure you are legally compliant.

Who says you must have the system cleaned regularly?

The cleaning of extract systems comes under government legislation and is part of your due care and diligence when insuring your property and business.

How can we be sure your company is qualified to clean our extract?

Cater Clean 24seven are assessed externally to the industry standard TR19.

Who regulates the industry?

The industry is regulated by the Building Engineering Services Association who audit Cater Clean 24Seven and ensure we operate to the TR19 standards.

How will I know the system is safe and clean?

Cater Clean 24Seven provide one of the most industry comprehensive cleaning reports and audits, you will receive multiple pre-and post photographs combined with a detailed report of the system.

Will my insurance company be satisfied?

Cater Clean 24Seven exceed the insurance and legislative requirements and can confirm your insurance company will accept our documentation.

What is a grease trap?

The grease trap is an environmental requirement to ensure grease is not released into the water system fitted between the sinks and drain, they will become a legal requirement for commercial kitchens in two years, please contact our office on 0870 300 3232 for details or information.

How can I manage the grease trap cleaning?

Cater Clean 24Seven can fully install your grease trap and provide a periodic cleaning service to remove the trapped grease and dispose of safely to meet your environmental obligations.

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